Cunco students received scholarships for their elementary, middle and high school education

Ceremony in compliance with sanitary protocols

A ceremony was held at the Atenea High School in Cunco that complied with all the sanitary protocols recommended by the authorities, where the energy company Latin America Power, together with the Municipality of Cunco, awarded 23 scholarships to elementary, middle and high school students.

The scholarships consist of a gift card valued at Ch$150,000 for 12 elementary school students and Ch$300,000 for 8 middle school students, to cover their educational expenses and to buy materials, technological equipment, books and other items that support their studies.

Three high school students received an unrestricted scholarship valued at Ch$1,880,000 that covers their registration fees, tuition fees and daily expenses.

The Cunco DAEM, Ciro Diaz, commented that "the commitment of private companies to the local community is important and hopefully this role within national education can be understood by every company."

José Salgado is the Safety, Environmental and Sustainability Manager at Latin America Power and he congratulated the beneficiaries when he emphasized that "this scholarship program is an example of our commitment to local communities since we arrived, especially to neighbors of our Transmisora Valle Allipen plant, who live in Los Lingues, Los Laureles, Las Hortensias, Choroico and other local villages."

The Latin America Power scholarship program began in 2014 and has benefited more than 200 students from Cunco and Melipeuco over the last six years.

Towards the end of the ceremony, the beneficiary Paula Troncoso said she was "very grateful for this scholarship, especially in this difficult year. It reaffirms my commitment to education and my parents' dedication to building my future. This scholarship is an extra motivation and I am very grateful to the Municipality, to LAP and to Arturo Valenzuela High School, which still cares for me even after I have graduated".