Latin America Power received the visit of Industrial Civil Engineering students from Universidad Mayor de Temuco, where 22 of them had the opportunity to learn more about the operation and maintenance process of the Carilafquén Malalcahuello (CMA) power plant.

The tour was conducted by the plant's operations and maintenance staff, dividing the students into groups led by Felipe Zamora, Antonio Laborit, Ángelo Soto, Jorge Alveal and Alejandro Bustos.

In this regard, the head of the plant, Felipe Zamora, said that "it is an enriching experience for both students and LAP professionals, because for us it is a window to show the fruit of our daily work and to be able to support the future of the industry of our country. Meanwhile, for the students it is learning in the field, putting into practice what the theory of the classroom dictates”.

The visit is part of the relationship that has been established with Universidad Mayor and the commitment of LAP with education and development in the area.