Students and senior citizens commemorated the World Water Day alongside Latin America Power

The activity was part of the National Environmental Certification System for Educational Establishments certification program, promoted by the company in the Melipeuco commune.

On Wednesday, March 21, in the facilities of the Melipeuco Balneary, students from eight educational establishments and seniors of the commune were part of an activity promoted by Latin America Power and the Tourism Unit of Melipeuco´s Municipality, which goal was to commemorate World Water Day, under the slogan "Nobody Left Behind".

During the instance, that is part of the certification program promoted by the company in the area, different dynamics were carried out, led by the SNCAE LAP monitors and professionals from the Municipal Environment Office, where the students reflected on the importance and care of this vital resource.

For this, various workshops and work groups were held in which those present discussed the main problems that exist around water in the sector and the solutions that they provide to the problem from their own realities.

Regarding the focus of the initiative, the person in charge from the Environment office, Fabián Oñate, highlighted that “the main idea was the dialogue between generations, bringing together students of different levels and older adults, so that in this way they had different experiences and also learned about the importance of natural resources for the area and the world in general”.

For his part, Manuel González, HSSE LAP supervisor, indicated that "having the opportunity to participate in this type of activities that are managed for the schools that we are accompanying in their certification process, interacting with children, teachers, and the school community in general, fills us with satisfaction and motivates us to continue in this line of work for the environmental education in Melipeuco”.

Representatives of the National System for Environmental Certification of Educational Establishments and the Municipal Intercultural Advisory, Artemio Huenupi were also present at the activity.