Concessionary fund to provide Ch$45 million to social organizations in Melipeuco

Ceremony in compliance with sanitary protocols

Latin America Power's 2020 Community Investment Funds were launched online with the participation of various social organizations from Melipeuco. These funds aim to benefit communities in Huechelepún, Carén, Carén Alto, Flor Del Valle, Cumcumllaque and Sahuelhue.

It was announced at the ceremony that Ch$45 million will be provided to develop social projects that add value to communities that neighbor the Eléctrica Carén and Transmisora Valle Allipén plants, under three financing categories:


Productive development.Community initiatives that develop traditional economic activities such as agriculture, forestry, beekeeping, livestock, tourism and other activities.

Identity and culture.Projects that strengthen traditions, ceremonies and beliefs that are important to the community, so contributing to its identity and sense of belonging.

Community infrastructure. Community initiatives that build and improve the infrastructure used by social, health, sports and educational organizations, and equipment for communal areas.

José Salgado is the Sustainability Manager at Latin America Power and he said that "these funds form part of our commitment to our neighbors, within the framework of our LAP Community Engagement Plan, which helps social organizations to implement projects that really contribute to sustainable community development, and improve the quality of life of local residents with respect to the important categories of productive development, culture, infrastructure and cultural identity."

The mayor of Melipeuco, Eduardo Navarrete, expressed his joy that "projects can be submitted that benefit the community and that contribute to the advancement of civil society. The Municipality will support community leaders to ensure that as many organizations as possible can apply".

Financing will vary between Ch$0.5 million and Ch$6 million per organization, depending on the requirements of each project. Submissions close on December 4, and they require several documents and must comply with various requirements, which are available upon request from