Latin America Power

Latin America Power has positioned itself as an important participant in the energy sector in Chile and Peru within almost a decade and it supplies renewable energy to the electricity grids of both countries.


Since 2011, we have been developing projects using a variety of energy sources, such as hydroelectric, wind and solar, while developing close relationships with local communities and protecting the environment.


We are supported by our partners in Brazil, BTG Pactual, Patria Investments and GMR Energía, who created the Brazilian company ERSA/CPFL Renováveis in 2006.


Over the years we have witnessed the development and strengthening of several emblematic projects and the communities that surround them. Our first investment in Chile was to construct the Carilafquén Malalcahuello run-of-river hydroelectric power plant in Cunco, Araucanía Region. We are responsible for building the largest wind farm of its kind in Chile, at San Juan de Chañaral de Aceituno, in the Atacama Region.


We are responsible for operating six hydroelectric power plants in isolated areas of Peru, under State contracts. We have engaged with the rural communities surrounding each project, through investment funds that have improved their productive facilities and community infrastructure.


We currently operate 10 projects in Chile and Peru, which contribute 340 MW of clean energy to the national electricity grids in these countries, and they perform well at all levels.

Acquisition of the Carilafquén-Malalcahuello water rights in the Araucanía Region.


Acquisition of the Santa Cruz 1 and 2 projects in operation, the Huasahuasi 1 and 2 projects under construction and a majority interest in the Runatullo 2 and 3 projects.


Acquisition of a majority interest in the Tulumayo 4 and 5, Limacpunco, Capiri and Ttio projects under development in Peru.


LAP adds the Totoral Wind Farm in Chile to its operating portfolio.


Construction begins on the San Juan Wind Farm on the coast of the Atacama Region, Chile.


Development begins on the Pirita project in the Coquimbo Region, which is LAP's first Solar Greenfield.


Operations begin at the Carilafquén - Malalcahuello hydroelectric power plants in the Araucanía Region, which supplies 29 MW to Chile's electricity grid.


Operations begin at the San Juan Wind Farm, making it the largest wind farm of its kind in Chile.