LAP presented a semi-annual balance of the Environmental Certification Program that benefits Melipeuco students

The initiative has enabled the development of various environmental education projects, such as the Community Composting Program and the recycling campaign “My Waste, My Responsibility”.

Members of the LAP HSSE team met with representatives of the Department of Municipal Education of Melipueco (DAEM) and the directors and heads of UTP of the eight educational establishments that are part of the environmental certification program of the Ministry of Education (SNCAE), initiative that is being promoted in different campuses of the commune, with the aim of generating a comprehensive strategy to address environmental education in the area.

In the instance, our collaborators and monitors of the program presented the results and advances that were achieved in each of the establishments during the first semester of the year and defined the road map to continue with this work for the rest of the year.

In this line, some of the most outstanding milestones of the program during the first semester of 2023, were the development of different environmental education projects, such as the implementation of a composting plan within the framework and complement to the Melipeuco community composting plan, along with outdoor activities where educational excursions were carried out with groups of students and teachers, alluding to topics such as; Medicinal plants, Fungi Kingdom, non-timber forest resources, conservation category of flora and fauna species, and outdoor training team work.

In addition, other initiatives were held, like a barter fair in different schools and a participatory cartography with workshops where teachers and students, learned about climate change, circular economy, biological waste and biodiversity.

In this regard, the coordinator of the consultant Pewen Pewen, Bernardo Jaramillo, said that he was satisfied with the results of the semi-annual balance, stressing that "we have met many of the objectives that we set ourselves from the beginning, which leaves us empowered to continue with this work this second semester.”

Along the same lines, the director of the Liceo Los Andes, María Eugenia Zapata, expressed her happiness with the advances presented, since they show that she is going in the right direction and that the students are learning. "Our students are steeped in environmental issues, becoming agents of change and are clearly showing that in Melipeuco caring for the environment is something assumed and that it is the responsibility of all of us to continue contributing," she stressed.

Finally, LAP's Safety and Environment manager, José Salgado, highlighted the importance of these spaces to reflect and find opportunities that help to continue improving the work that is being done. "For our part, we will continue to contribute as much as we can to generate an impact and real value for what we do as a company in the Melipeuco district," the executive concluded.