LAP presented three infrastructure projects to authorities and residents of Melipeuco

Through a collaboration agreement between the company, Fundación Huella Local and the Municipality of Melipeuco, the aim is to promote the development of two plazas and a tourist center, with an investment of $460 million pesos.

Within the framework of the collaboration agreement between LAP, Fundación Huella Local and the Municipality of Melipeuco, a series of three infrastructure projects that aim to improve the public spaces of the commune and promote tourism were presented to the municipal council and residents of the commune. in the area, which contemplate an investment of $460 million.

The initiative consists of the construction of Plaza Neruda and a plaza in Villa El Mirador, projects designed by Huella Local and the Municipality of Melipeuco, thanks to the resources provided by LAP, which will have an investment of $306 million. In addition, both were applied to Subdere's Urban Improvement and Community Equipment Program (PMU) for financing.

In the same line, to these projects is added the design of the Cumcumllaque Tourist Center, located in the Sollipulli sector, 10 kilometers from the center of the commune. This aims to install local entrepreneurs so that they can offer their products to tourists, allowing visitors to connect with the local community and, in turn, generating economic opportunities for residents. This initiative contemplates an investment of $154 million and was also applied to the same Subdere PMU program.

In this regard, our Sustainability manager, José Salgado, who has also participated in the coordination of the projects, highlighted that "as an actor present in the area for more than 10 years, we have always been convinced that public-private partnerships are a fundamental tool to achieve the development of projects that directly benefit people and the environment. This is how, through this type of initiative, we want to continue reinforcing our commitment to the community and contribute in terms of infrastructure and tourism, so that the inhabitants of the commune have a place to enjoy their free time and continue promoting Melipeuco as a great player in tourism”.

Meanwhile, the director of the southern zone of Huella Local, Boris Muñoz, pointed out that "these infrastructure works will generate significant public investment for the commune, but above that it will generate a direct benefit to the community for its development, benefiting dozens of families. In addition, it is important to highlight the role of the LAP company that is immersed in the commune and is working to improve the environment for the residents of the sector.”