Latin America Power is authorized to deliver international renewable energy certification

These certificates guarantee that the energy they consume is renewable and that their operations or products are carried out in a sustainable manner, minimizing their environmental impact and reporting exactly in which plant the energy is consumed during the year was generated.

477 / 5.000 Resultados de traducción At Latin America Power (LAP), a renewable energy generating company with a presence in Chile and Peru, sustainability is a fundamental pillar of its work and for that reason it is constantly developing initiatives that have a positive impact on its environment, ensuring that it executes its operations. in harmony with the ecosystem, caring for people and the environment, minimizing their impact, and maintaining a relationship of trust and closeness with their communities.

In this sense, and given the growing interest on the part of companies to seek environmentally friendly energy sources and carry out actions to mitigate their impacts, LAP expanded its portfolio to have I-REC Renewable Energy Certificates, which guarantees its clients that the energy they consume is renewable and that their operations or products are carried out in a sustainable manner.

In this regard, the general manager of Latin America Power, Diego Hollweck, assured that "LAP has been contributing to energy transformation for a decade, which has allowed us to position ourselves as a relevant player in the Non-Conventional Renewable Energy industry and where sustainability is the main guideline of all our actions. In this sense, the delivery of these certificates is another example of our strong commitment to the energy transformation of Chile”.

Currently, LAP has certified companies from different sectors such as agribusiness and transportation.

What do certificates consist of?

Given that the electricity injected into the electricity grid that is generated from renewable sources is not distinguishable from that of another origin, mechanisms have been promoted that allow companies to ensure that the energy they consume is of 100% renewable origin.

“As from our beginnings, at LAP we have an intrinsic commitment to the environment, and we know that for our clients it is also a fundamental aspect of their work. That is why, through these certifications, we support them in meeting their strategic objectives and in seeking to ensure that their operations come from 100% renewable sources, so that their production is carried out in a sustainable manner, minimizing their environmental impact. These types of certificates represent a milestone for companies, since they allow them to validate and reaffirm their efforts to ensure sustainable production,” explained the commercial manager of Latin America Power, Óscar Morales.

One of these paths is through obtaining the I-REC international certificates that audit the production and consumption of renewable energy in the country. This certification corresponds to a tracking system for renewable attributes I-REC Standard, managed by the International REC Standard Foundation, which is recommended in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG-Greenhouse Gas) – the footprint accounting standard of carbon most used by large companies in the world-, and certifies that the energy generating company is using renewable sources and, in turn, that the electricity supply of its client comes from a 100% renewable source.

In order to deliver these certificates, Latin America Power is registered on the platform of the local issuer in Chile, which is the SCX, Bolsa de Clima de Santiago, and created an alliance with an international trader, the Norwegian company Kinect. The latter allows LAP to have its plants on a renewable energy platform., donde se muestra la ubicación de las plantas, fotografías, videos y los programas de relación con las comunidades que tiene la empresa.

By obtaining the I-REC, companies will be able to affirm that they work with 100% renewable energy, in addition to allowing them to minimize the environmental impact of their operations and to know exactly in which plant the renewable energy consumed during the year was generated.

Latin America Power and Sustainability

LAP, with 10 years of experience, has positioned itself as a relevant player in the energy sector in Chile and Peru, contributing more than 340 MW of clean energy to the matrix of both countries. In Chile, its operations are located in the regions of Atacama, Coquimbo and La Araucanía, and in Peru the company has a portfolio of projects located in the departments of Junín and Ancash.

In this way, in its Sustainability Report, informed its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) promoted by the UN and its contribution in economic, social and environmental matters. 

After a process that included more than 60 interviews in Chile and Peru to determine the materiality and respond to the concerns of the stakeholders, it was determined that the company, through the initiatives that it develops together with the communities, has managed to contribute directly and indirectly to nine SDGs, specifically contributing to matters related to the eradication of poverty, protection of the planet and ensuring well-being.

LAP is able to deliver I-REC Renewable Energy Certificates to your company, for which we invite you to contact our Commercial Manager Oscar Morales (