The Commercial Manager of Latin America Power was part of a panel that analyzed the current state of the Eolic energy market in Chile and the principal challenges to keep consolidating its development.

On March 16th our commercial manager, Oscar Morales participated in the Energyear 2023, renewable energies congress that reunited the more relevant expositors of the industry, to talk about the government efforts alongside the communities and the private sector to keep promoting and consolidating their goals of energy transition and decarbonization.

In this opportunity, Morales was part of the eolic panel: “Current State of the Market and Opportunities to Keep Improving its Development”, where he spoke about the challenges for the development of new wind power plants in Chile.

Regarding his participation, Morales said that, “ is very important that this spaces to talk about the issues that affect the industry exist, so in that way we are all aware of the path we have to follow to find solutions about it. For us in Latin America Power it’s a pleasure to be part of this process and contribute in everything that’s possible”.

The congress was held at the Santiago Marriot Hotel, and counted with the participation of other relevant actors, such as the minister of Energy, Diego Pardow, the director of the National Electric Coordinator, Ernest Huber and the executive director of the World Energy Council, Trinidad Castro.