LAP formalized Environmental Education agreement for the benefit of Melipeuco´s residents

The “Me Sumo” project, which began operating in 2021 by the Latin America Power company and the Municipality of Melipeuco, is based on the development of a management model for Education and Environmental Management of the sector, through projects such as Environmental certification of schools and the community recycling plan.

With the aim of promoting environmental education in Melipeuco, the mayor of Melipeuco, Alejandro Cuminao and the general manager of Latin America Power (LAP), Esteban Moraga, officially signed a public-private alliance that, under the project “Me Sumo” has already made it possible to carry out different environmental projects in the commune. The event also had the participation of the person in charge of the municipality's Environment Unit, Fabian Oñate, the representative of the Municipal Education Administration Department, Jhony Ceballos and the LAP Sustainability manager, José Salgado, among other representatives of the company and the municipality.

It should be noted that the “Me Sumo” project began operating in 2021 through the implementation of different projects that have promoted recycling, communal composting and different activities focused on environmental education for children and adults in the commune. The latest, through the Environmental Certification program of the Ministry of Education (SNCAE), an initiative that is being carried out in eight establishments in the sector, with the aim of generating a comprehensive strategy that allows promoting environmental education in the area.

In this way, with the signing of this public-private alliance, the actors seek to formalize this project that aims to directly contribute to the environmental education of children and young people in the commune, with initiatives that provide tools that are durable in the long term and in parallel allow the sustainable development of the families part of the community.

In this regard, the general manager of Latin America Power, Esteban Moraga, stressed that “as a leading company in the renewable energy sector, we play a fundamental role in the process of decarbonizing the energy matrix and in the fight against the devastating effects of climate change. Along these lines, through this program, we not only seek to make a specific contribution, but we are also deeply committed to the environmental education of all children and young people in our local community. Our aspiration is to transform the paradigm that surrounds environmental awareness and care for our environment. It is essential to understand that long-term sustainability cannot be fully achieved without a solid foundation of environmental education. For this reason, this public-private alliance is designed with the purpose of actively engaging with our local communities and uniting the efforts of various actors in pursuit of a common goal: a cleaner and more sustainable future for all”.

Likewise, the mayor of Melipeuco, Alejandro Cuminao, highlighted the importance of making this agreement official, since “it is essential to continue working on environmental matters and continue contributing to the certification of different establishments in the commune. It is a step that contributes to the plan that, as a municipality, together with LAP, we have developed during these years.”

LAP Scholarships 2023

During the ceremony, the general manager of LAP, Esteban Moraga, officially launched the LAP 2023 Scholarship Delivery process, a benefit that will be awarded in October to basic and secondary education students from Melipeuco, and which has already benefited more than 300 of its students since 2014.

This benefit seeks to help basic and secondary education students so that they can buy materials, technological implements, books and different items. In addition, it has a freely available scholarship for high school students, which consists of a voucher to cover the payment of fees, registration and daily expenses in the cities where they study.

In this regard, Mayor Cuminao emphasized the importance of these initiatives for the future of young people in the area and that as a municipality they hope to continue working to promote and support these types of benefits. “These scholarships come to collaborate and contribute so that students continue with their studies and pursue their dreams and careers, which is what ultimately interests us”.