Green Finance Framework

Sustainability directs everything we do at Latin America Power, as we are fully committed to carefully protecting our environment.

We aim to operate our business in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem, as we are committed to caring for people and the environment, reducing our impact as far as possible, and building close and trusting relationships with local communities.

We continually engage with our neighbors, in order to contribute to development and growth within surrounding communities, as a neighbor.

LAP’s Sustainability Pillars

LAP's main corporate guidelines are divided into three fundamental areas: se divide en tres áreas fundamentales: 

Política socio – ambiental

It is fundamental that Latin America Power implements its projects in an environmentally friendly manner, which ensures rational natural resource use, based on clean technologies, while recovering environments and reducing waste.

  • We aim to contribute to national development and growth. We respect legislation, actively participate in trade organizations, and implement projects that benefit local communities.
  • One of our pillars is environmental responsibility, since all our processes are responsible, in harmony with the environment, and comply with every standard and requirement.

Investment in renewable energy projects

We only participate in Non-Conventional Renewable Energy projects that minimize our environmental impact and contribute to building an environmentally friendly community.


Community engagement

LAP’s sustainability framework is renowned among its stakeholders. It has developed a climate of respect that accepts the cultures, values and traditions of its local communities through sustained engagement. It actively plans and participates in any local economic and social development opportunity.

Its community engagement is organized under 4 fundamental pillars, which respond to LAP’s commitment to each country.