Generadoras de Chile recognize the “Me Sumo” project for its good practices

The guild highlighted the initiative in the “Good Practices for a more sustainable electrical future” contest for marking the work of the actors in the sector in recent times and generating an impact on the communities, through projects such as the environmental certification of schools and the community recycling plan.

Within the framework of the fifth anniversary of the “Good Practices for a more sustainable electrical future” contest, Generadoras de Chile recognized the Me Sumo project of Latin America Power (LAP), as one of the main initiatives that have marked the work of the actors in the sector in recent times and seek to generate an important impact in terms of sustainability with the communities where they are present.

In this regard, LAP's sustainability manager, José Salgado, stressed that “considering all the efforts we have made to move “Me Sumo” forward, this recognition motivates us to continue adding actors who are involved with the project and thus continue promoting this new resource management model between the public and the private that has allowed the creation of different initiatives, activities, and benefits in favor of the community, including sustainable development in topics such as environmental education, economic productivity, tourism and environmental care".

Since it began operating in 2021, the “Me Sumo” project has aimed to contribute directly to the environmental education of the children and young people of the commune, with initiatives that provide tools that are durable in the long term and in parallel allow the sustainable development of the families that make up the community. In this way, it has made great progress such as carrying out different projects that have promoted recycling, communal composting and different activities focused on environmental education for children and adults in the commune.

It is worth remembering that in 2020 LAP was awarded first place in the Generadoras de Chile contest, thanks to the project, “Good energy to Improve the quality of life in Caleta Los Burros Sur”, an initiative that it developed together with EDF, in conjunction with organizations from Caleta Los Burros, the municipality, Seremi and other companies in the territory.